The ORECA LM P2 05 is the car driven by Roberto Merhi in the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship.

The new Le Mans Prototype designed by ORECA Technology for the LM P2 class, the ORECA 05 is designed around a closed cockpit and integrates innovative concepts. ORECA's engineers have opted for a 1900mm-wide car, whereas most of the other LM P2s are 2000mm wide, a choice that meets the needs of future 2017 rules and regulations.

  • Chassis:

  • Monocoque: Carbonfibre & Honeycomb
    Length: 4.640 mm
    Width: 1.990 mm
    Height: 1.045 mm
    Front track: 1.570 mm
    Rear track: 1.550 mm
    Wheelbase: 2.950 mm
    Weight: about 900 kg
  • Engine:

  • Nissan v8, 4500cc
    Power output: about 490 bhp
    Torque: about 55 Kg.m
    Lubrication: dry sump / staged oil pump

  • Double wishbones with pushrods'
  • Tyres:

  • Dunlop
    FRONT: 30-65/R18 , REAR: 31-71/R18
    Front rims: 12,5"x18"
    Rear rims: 13"x18"
  • Gearbox:

  • Xtrac
    Type: Six-speed sequential
    Gear change: steering wheel-mounted paddles / Pneumatic paddle shift system
    Speeds: 6 + reverse
  • Brakes:

  • Ventilated carbon discs
    Calipers: Brembo
  • Bodywork:

  • Carbon – Kevlar Light lamination